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Full Movie: Helpless Under His Amazon Goddess

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Full Movie: Helpless Under His Amazon Goddess

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Helpless Under His Amazon Goddess

Rocky Emerson has been walking around all day in the hot weather in her extremely old pair of Tom's shoes and Jean Shorts, building up a nice sweat for tormenting her slave. Rocky has secured Bondage Mitts on her slaves' hands and a muzzle gag that covers half of his face, leaving just his eyes and nose exposed, which is all Rocky's slave will need for what she has planned for him.

Rocky slips off her sweat-soaked shoes and places them by his nose, so he has no choice but to breathe in the aroma that has built up over time combined with her fresh sweat, making him take deep breaths to ensure he doesn't miss out.

Rocky than begins to smother her slave with her bare size 11 feet making sure that her aroma stays with him long after she is gone. Rocky than flips around and begins smothering her slave underneath her ass as she teases and grinds up and down his face with only a thin pair of jean shorts separating her slave from her bare pussy and ass. To make matters worse for her slave, Rocky even allows her slave to try and grab her ass as she teases it in front of him but feels nothing since his hands are secured in bondage mitts.

By the time Rocky is done with her slave, she nearly has him to tears from the constant torment of only being able to smell his Goddess' aroma while having his ability to be able to feel and touch his goddess greatly impaired.

Released:Aug 11, 2020
Length:12 min

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